During the last 6 years, We had more than 3,000 startup applications in more than 20 areas of expertise.

2015 Winner


Travel Tech

FairFly maximizes savings on business travel by tracking flights post booking, saving customers of travel management companies and large corporations an average of $254 per flight while vastly increasing customer satisfaction.

2016 Winner


Homeland Security


Carbyne is a Public Safety Technology company that has developed a call handling ecosystem, which delivers advanced IP-enabled communication features and caller solutions. Their end-to-end digitized NG911 ecosystem brings all available data sources for emergency services into one response system.

2017 Winner




Hargol FoodTech specializes in growing large quantities of grasshoppers in captivity as an alternative protein source. The company's methods and technology enable it to grow several species of grasshoppers quickly and under sanitary conditions. Its line of products includes grasshopper protein powder, food additives, and pet food.

2019 Winner




SolCold is a start-up specializing in the fields of physics and nanoparticles. The company is developing an innovative material that becomes cooler with increased sun exposure.

Other Notable Startups

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